Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My anarchy selfie TUT
I found a Photoshop portrait tutorial written by Grace Fuss and Sharon Milne   posted here called How to Design a Bollywood-Inspired Poster to Celebrate Hindu New Year and "How to Use Image Trace to Create a Surreal Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

 For my tutorial I used a mesh of both tutorials in order to create my own piece. While both tutorials were explicitly written, the bollywood poster was used on an older version of adobe illustrator. This caused a bit of a set back considering I would be using a much more sophisticated adobe photoshop. Also my own portrait picture did not feature a dance move like that of the bollywood poster, therefore I used  the second tutorial to create a different effect on myself.  Both Tutorials were aimed at intermediate uses and were longer in the process how ever my mixing and matching of both tutorials shortened the outcome. I learned new techniques and brushed up on others like opacity and properly layering textures over the image. I also got the chance to play with various exposures.

As mentioned I combined  two tutorials to come up with my own product.  I picked the best features of both these tutorials and simplified the outcome. This caused me to skip many steps and also look for short cuts. I previously stated that both tutorials used either a different version of photoshop or used another program, I would suggest to those who wish to  what I did , to also look up online how to do a similar effect and play with opacity as much as possible.

Overall the tutorial was fairly easy to however I would be more specific on how to layout materials and pictures if we will be cropping in pictures. Also despite being intermediate level, some of the techniques were little more advance as far as texture overlay.  Nonetheless these a great trials and they offer a good exposure to different programs and really push you to figure it out on your own.