Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"behind the scenes making how to fill in eye brows"

The making of:  How to fill in your eye brows 

Eyebrows are important. They help frame your face and  have the powers to change your expression. With brows being ta huge aesthetic it is important to stay up to date and keep them in check.

                                              Click here to see a step by step tutorial

 please Click here to print out an easy step by step and have your own set of instructions

While filming there was a lot of back ground nice due to the restroom vent and "free time" where i am just filling in the eyebrow not speaking. when editing came along i had to reduce the background noise and cut out the extra film. My raw video was actually 3 minutes long but it allowed me to have a variety of shots that would best suit the step I was demonstrating.  Also my camera girl did not get a good long shot of the finished product so I had to slow down the last shot slightly to get a better impression.

Where it all started 

A lot changed from my initial sketches. I planned to do a shot of the products of I used but that changed to multiple shots. Also , I was going to demonstrate how to fill in using only powder but Iended up doing both pencil and powder. My storyboard served more of an outline because my video has tips for each step as opposed to just the steps. 

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